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News and Events

Art Crawl 2019

Join me for the Mill Centre’s first Shop Small Art Crawl in conjunction with Small Shop Saturday in Hampden

November 30, 11:00am to 6:00pm

The Mill Centre, 3000 Chestnut Avenue, Baltimore

Please visit me in my Mill Centre Studio #349!  Saturday will be my last open studio event of the year.

I’ll be showing my colorful anodized jewelry and photographically inspired crafts as well as my large format photography work.

Start your holiday fun by shopping small in the Baltimore village of Hampden! At the Mill Centre, you’ll discover painting, ceramics, photography, metal work, fiber art, paper art, collage/assemblages, drawing, jewelry and much more as over 20 artists open their studios to the public on Saturday.

We offer free parking for Mill Centre shoppers in our lot on Mill and Darby Street.

Dear Globe Coffee will join us at the Mill to offer coffee, warm beverages, and pastries.The Green Bowl Food Truck will arrive with green cuisine for omnivores and vegetarians.

Stay late to play Musical Bingo on The Avenue to help needy families and, as it gets dark, celebrate the opening of Miracle on 34th Street! Every year, 3 blocks from the Mill Centre, residents of 34th Street turn their street into Baltimore’s best display of Christmas spirit.

Spend Saturday exploring Hampden! Park at the Mill Centre, visit the artists in our Art Crawl, enjoy our food vendors, head for The Avenue to play Musical Bingo, catch the holiday spirit at Miracle on 34th Street, join the merchants of Hampden on 36th Street for more shopping and, finally, end your day with a delicious dinner on The Avenue.

Kick off the holidays with style. Shop Small in Hampden!

More Information here.

Held in Conjunction with the Hamden Small Shop Saturday.

Go play musical bingo up in Hamden during the show.

After the show, go to the opening night of Miracle on 34th Street.

Directions to the Mill Centre here.

Solo Exhibitions 2019

Fragments and Divisions
Flaxen Flare


Movement Abstraction in the Photographic Medium

    - On View:  April 27 – June 1, 2019  -

    - Meet the Artist Reception:  Saturday, April 27, 2019 from 2:00 – 4:00 pm

     - Artist Talk & Gallery Tour:  Saturday, May 11, 2019 at 2:00 pm

BlackRock Center for the Arts /The Kay Gallery /12901 Town Commons Drive/Germantown, Maryland

Preview Images Here

BlackRock Amped-Up Exhibition Description

Culture Spot MC Feature Article Here

Washington Post Review Here (Scroll Down to the Second Part of the Review)

Exhibition Description

Speed. Life today moves along at an ever-quickening pace. Visual artists, affected by the accelerating tempo of their lives, respond in a visual way. They create art where the fast pace of life is made manifest.

My recent photographic work is strongly influenced by the accelerating pace of modern life. This influence extends not only to the images themselves but also to my capture and field techniques. Like the artists of the Futurist avant-garde at the beginning of the 20th century, my photographs capture the speed and energy of my photographic subjects evoking a correspondence between the energy of movement and the pace of modern life. I am not trying to create a depiction of movement, but rather to record a more complete impression of the world around me. That world is full of movement, and speed, and rapid change.

My moving-camera capture technique abstracts my subjects, by obscuring detail, producing and altering form, and creating surface pattern. Moving the camera at time of capture allows me to contribute my spontaneous physical response to the photographic composition that exists before me. My own movement, not the movement of my subjects, embodies the accelerated pace of modern life. I become a performance artist, a choreographer, a painter, and a creator in the photographic realm.

Black Rock’s Kay Gallery, with it’s natural light, provides an environment for my work that makes possible a connection between the energy of my photographs and the busy and culturally exciting environment surrounding the Black Rock Center. The larged size of my photographs fills the gallery with movement.

I have organized the tempo of this exhibition into a dance-like composition. The exhibition has a beginning and an end. Its two sections, along the two long walls of the gallery, gradually accelerate the pace of the composition, with the moderately fast allegretto tempo on one wall amping-up to become a very fast presto tempo on the other. The entire exhibition-composition culminates in frenetic movement creating a visual impression of the accelerated pace of our lives today. The last photograph, unable to be contained in the gallery any longer, streaks up and out the door.

©John Isaacs
Just Once Photo

Public Art

The Baltimore Ekphrasis Project

The Light Ekphrastic invited Dottie Campbell to participate in their collaborative project with LED Baltimore. The Light Ekphrastic is an online journal that inspires writer/artist collaborations. The writer and the artist each create new work that has been inspired by their partner’s work. LED Baltimore’s ninety-foot digital billboard on Charles Street in Baltimore was used as a digital art display for this project.

Dottie Campbell was partnered with Tracy Dimond, a Baltimore poet. Dottie’s image Queen Calafia’s Morning Mirror was inspired by Tracy’s poem Lost Time And Gloves and Tracy’s poem Maintain Effervescence was inspired by Dottie’s image Dragon Dreams. On the LED billboard, excerpts from Tracy’s two poems appeared on Dottie’s images.

See the Photographs and Poems here.

Exhibitions on the Web



Dottie Campbell was invited to create an online portfolio on the international Lens Culture magazine. The British newspaper, The Guardian, cited LensCulture as one of the eighth best photography websites or online publications in the world. Will Coldwell, writing in The Independent in 2013, described LensCulture as a "definitive resource for anyone who wants to keep up with the latest trends and debates in contemporary photography".

Visit the site here.


Baker Artist Awards Portfolios

A comprehensive look at Dottie Campbell's work for 2016

Ten photographic portfolios are presented with descriptions of each portfolio project.

Visit the site here.

Framed Photographic Prints on View

The Mill Center Studio #349 / 3000 Chestnut Avenue / Baltimore MD

❍ The exhibition gallery of DC Campbell Studio is open by appointment at The Mill Center building located in the Baltimore village of Hampden.

The studio is on the third floor in Studio #349.

Call Dottie Campbell at 410-243-0475 for an appointment.

Exhibitions change every two months starting in June.

June-July: New Photographs from Buffalo

August-September: Landscape Drama

October-November: New Series on Exhibition for Mill Centre Open Studio Tour

                                    Room 1 - My New Home - Migrant Children in Crisis

                                    Room 2 - The Abstract Squares

End of November-December: Holiday Selections

©John Isaacs<br />
Just Once Photo

©John Isaacs
Just Once Photo

Hilton Baltimore / 401 W Pratt Street / Baltimore, MD

❍ Six 36” x 48” photographs from the Vehicular Landscape portfolio are on permanent view in the third floor public area of the Hilton Hotel in downtown Baltimore, Maryland.

Take the elevator to the third floor.

Included in this group is the winner of the National Geographic Photography Contests, Black Buick Cottonwood.

Additional photographs from various portfolios can be found in the Executive and Presidential Suites.

All images and content of this site © 2018 Dottie Campbell

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